This webpage is saving some information about the users. The information saved is different by the purpose of using the site.

For visitors For usage of the Admin Panel
We are saving your language preferences using cookies. Cookies are the small text files saved on your device. This particular cookie is set to expire in 12 months. This is needed to remember in what language you would like to see content.

We are also collecting technical information in the server logs: IP address of the connection, requested website address, time and date of the connection, HTTP response code, user agent string and redirecting page (HTTP referer). These data are automatically removed with the start of the next month. They are needed for server security and cooperation with the police and are not disclosed to anyone.

Most of the data exchanged between your browser and this server is secured using the HTTPS protocol.

By visiting every page your browser may automatically send some statistical information (requested page, time dand date, user agent string, IP address, HTTP referer) to the Google Analytics service. Google Analytics may also save cookies on your device. Statistical information are removed after 26 months.

You have a right to ask access to your personal data, their modification, removal or restricting of their processing (in the specific situations).

Your internet browser is probably set to accept every incoming cookie. If you do not want for this website to store this information, you have to change your browser settings according to the user guide.

Apart from the same information as for every visitor, for usage of the Admin Panel there are more cookies stored. These are session cookies, automatically removed by your browser after closing the window, used in the technical side (session storage).

Another personal data stored (name, surname, work e-mail) are only used for logging in the system and password remember mechanizm. They are removed from the system when you are not working anymore. Copies saved in the backup are automatically removed in the beginning of the second week of the next month.