2nd International Conference “Information Technology in Cultural Heritage Management” (IT-CHM’2019)”

Institute of Computer Science together with the Partners organized and successfully conducted the 2nd International Conference on Information Technology in Cultural Heritage Management (IT-CHM’2019), which took place on May 22, 2019 in the 15th century Ulre Bek medrese, in the Registan Museum Complex in the city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan (http://weii.pollub.pl/pl/news/get/id/3267).

Co-organizers of the conference were:

  • State University of Samarkand, Uzbekistan,
  • The Registan Museum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan,
  • International Institute of Central Asia (UNESCO), Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

The conference was opened by the deputy voivode of the Samarkand district (Rustam Kobilov), the Rector of the Samarkand State University (Rustam Khalmuradov), and the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Uzbekistan (Piotr Iwaszkiewicz). At the conference, presenters from Uzbekistan, Great Britain, Kazakhstan and Poland gave 19 presentations, according to the conference program (http://silkroad3d.com/?page_id=860).

During the conference, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Piotr Iwaszkiewicz presented nominations for the members of the Program Council of Digital 3D Silk Road portal (silkroard3d.com) on behalf of the Council of the Institute of Computer Science of the Lublin University of Technology.

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