TRUNAK. Second workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia (25.02-1.03.2019)

On 25.02-1.03.2019, in the capital of Slovenia, a second workshop devoted to creating a model of higher education autonomy in Kazakhstan was held. The workshop was organized and hosted by the Medical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. The representatives of university-partners from the European Union participated in the role of experts. The Lublin University of Technology was represented by Dr. Marek Milosz.

During the meeting, the results of the first workshop in Lund were presented. Representatives of universities from the EU presented the experience of their countries in all four dimensions of autonomy, defined by the European University Association. Created two working groups (mixed: representatives of universities from Kazakhstan and EU experts) verified and refined the solutions developed during the first workshop, and also proposed new ones.

The last day of the seminar was devoted to the presentation of developed scenarios and solutions. Further consideration, discussion and, possibly, extension of autonomy models will take place during the third seminar organized by the Lublin University of Technology (Lublin, 4-8.03.2019).

The seminar passed in a nice and working atmosphere.