Finissage of the exhibition “Silk Road 3D – Uzbekistan”

Finissage of the photography and multimedia exhibition entitled “Silk Road 3D – Uzbekistan” held on 16th of September in the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin was an ending point of presentation of the works of Institute of Computer Science of the Lublin University of Technology. They during May and June 2017 were taking part in the “First Scientific Expedition of the Lublin University of Technology to Central Asia, 2017” in Uzbekistan. Their goal was to perform 3D scanning of archeological and musealic artefacts.

During the finissage there were short talks by Mr. Jacek Piasecki – from the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, prof. Anna Halicka – head of the XVI. Lublin Festival of Science, prof. Dariusz Czerwiński – the head of the Institute of Computer Science, dr Marek Miłosz – co-organizer of the Expedition, prof. Jerzy Montusiewicz – organizer of the exhibition, as well as Aziz Mullayev – PhD student from the Uzbek Academy of Sciences.

The exhibition in the digital version is available at Virtual Exhibitions section of the LUT library website. Selected effects of achieved works in the 3D scanning and analysis of artefacts may be seen on „3D Digital Silk Road” portal and Lab3D website at