GUI usability and accessibility: First project meeting

The scientists from the Institute of Computer Science participated in the kick-off meeting of the project “GUI usability and accessibility: exchanging knowledge and experiences”. The kick-off meeting was held in 26th – 28th November 2012 in Grenoble, France. During the meeting the partners have the opportunity to visit MULTICOM experimentation platform. Brigitte Meillon presented current and former projects carried out by MULTICOM team and the equipment available at experimental platform (DOMUS apartment, Reeti robots, Tangisense table, Tobii eye-tracker and so on).

Also during the meeting the curricula for GUI usability and accessibility were elaborated. The curricula were developed jointly by partners . Both curricula include the core topics of, respectively, usability and accessibility in thefollowing usage areas:

  • desktop application interfaces,
  • Web application interfaces,
  • mobile application interfaces,
  • 3D interfaces and natural user interface (NUI).

The curricula will be used to prepare the e-learning resources for massive open online courses for GUI usability and accessibility. Each course will be one semester long and will comprise 50% of lectures and individual study work and 50% of labs and assessment workload. The assessment will include both knowledge and skills evaluation.

Dr M. Miłosz, dr M. Plechawska-Wójcik and M. Borys have participated in the meeting from Institute of Computer Science.