GUI usability and accessibility: exchanging knowledge and experiences

The project “GUI usability and accessibility: exchanging knowledge and experiences” is Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project focused on GUI usability and accessibility.
GUI usability and accessibility are not among the disciplines that can be learned from a book in a purely theoretical manner. To become professional in the field, the combination of theoretical expertise and practical experience is required. Therefore, it is important to share knowledge in the field of usability and accessibility as well as developing and improving teaching methods through cross-fertilization of experience among the European educational institutions.

There are four project partners from Poland, Spain and France:

  1. Lublin University of Technology (Contracting), Poland
  2. University of Alicante from Spain
  3. Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble I) from France
  4. Karo-Studio s.c. from Poland

Each partner brings a unique contribution to the project. Varied experience of the project partners in the field of usability and accessibility of user interface, the diversity of works carried out on behalf of the industry in the field of accessibility and usability, as well as the varying range of applied teaching methods allows to achieve synergies in this partnership.
LUT is a project coordinator and is responsible for supporting project partners, providing communication and evaluation of the project activities.

The following list defines the major objectives of the project which include:

  • adjusting the curriculum in the field of usability and accessibility to the real needs of labour market,
  • developing a set of usability and accessibility e-learning teaching resources,
  • raising professional qualifications of academic teachers,
  • establishing an international research group.

The project has started in September 2012 and it will last 2 years.

Details of the first project meeting
Details of the second project meeting
Details of the third project meeting

The project manager: Marek Miłosz, Ph.D