g Project: „Qualifications for the labour market – employer friendly university”

Institute of Computer Science is one of the contractors of the UE project “Qualifications for the labour market – employer friendly university” which is financed by POKL 4.3 program funds (project number: POKL.04.03.00-00-035/12). The main goals of the project are both to adjust the University education to the demands of labour market and to develop Lublin University of Technology students qualifications which are essential in their further job searching and the labour market functionality.

The educational program dedicated for first degree Computer Science students has been modified. Six new elective subjects have been added, such as: Databases engineering, Programming of mobile applications, Programming using cloud computing, Interface designing and systems ergonomics, Engineering of mobile systems, Graphics and sound in mobile devices. The modernisation of the educational program also includes adding the optional subjects such as: Social media, Software to manage services in the cloud, Software on demand in Internet – integration. Additionally, the content of four existing subjects has been modernised. These subjects are: Database, Software engineering, Internet tools and Services in wide area networks. These new elective and optional subjects expand and modernize the educational offer of the Lublin University of Technology. They allow the students to choose and modify their future professional careers.

The modification of the educational offer for Computer Science students has been accomplished through the cooperation with employers – IT companies located in Lublin region. The cooperation concerns many aspects e.g.: individual consultations organised as trainings, seminars, discussion panels and conferences with the participation of the region’s leading IT companies.

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