politechnikaprzyszlosciInstitute of Computer Science is one of parties engaged in the project „University of technology in the future – adjusting offers for labor market and KBE”, being fund from POKL 4.3 program (project no: POKL. 04.03.00-00-129/12).

The main target is to enrich teaching offer by adjusting to current and future needs of Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE), by starting new, unique in the whole region, postgraduate courses.

New postgraduate courses has been introduced under the name: “Present Information Technologies – Building Mobile Applications”. Introduction of new courses also covered:

  • Creating a new course program and specific subjects’ syllabuses,
  • Creating and sharing on Institute’s Moodle platform new e-learning materials preparing candidates and enriching regular teachings,
  • Preparing additional workbooks for students,
  • Purchase of devices and building a new laboratory specifically for mobile devices development.

The courses are compound of the subjects:

  • Databases in mobile technologies,
  • GIS and GPS and mobile applications,
  • Basics of database technology,
  • Android applications development,
  • iOS applications development,
  • Windows Phone application development,
  • Object-oriented programming – C#,
  • Object-oriented programming – Java,
  • Object-oriented programming – Objective-C,
  • Mobile systems design,
  • Mobile internet applications development,
  • Mobile devices and technologies.

General university project.
Institute’s coordination group for this project:

Official website: http://www.politechnika-przyszlosci.pollub.pl/