Professionalization of bachelor’s degree studies in computer Science in Lublin University of Technology

The project “Professionalization of bachelor’s degree studies in computer Science in Lublin University of Technology” is Leonardo da Vinci Mobility project.
It is focused on focused on experiences exchange on creation of a new approach to the education program (in the aspects of learning outcomes), its structure (modularity and flexibility) and professionalization of education.

The aim of the project is to develop professionalization methods which can be applied to Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (CS) in LUT. CS is one of the LUT’s strategic degree courses.
Project participants will be able to develop methods and documents related to professionalization of Bachelor Degree in Computer Science in LUT by familiarizing with the best European practices in HE professionalization. One of the important project results will be created a set of rules, templates and procedures dedicated to the organization and implementation of vocational education. It will also emphasize the principles of cooperation with enterprises. It will include activities such as students’ internships and training in companies, students’ educational and professional projects, exchanges and the use of tools supporting cooperation between the university and the business environment.

The expected outcome is to prepare LUT to start professional education at Bachelor Degree in Computer Science in LUT as well as more efficient use of professional development techniques. Exchanges will take place at universities in different European countries. Host universities have very extensive experience in professional education at university level, and strong relationships with industry (in the areas of education, science, and deployment). In addition, the project will involve ICT companies in the region, which will bring support in the form of consultancy on the labor market needs identification. ICT companies will also cooperate in the process of evaluation and adaptation of the procedures and processes of professionalization obtained from foreign partners to the Polish reality experience.

There are four project partners from Germany, Slovenia, Finland and France:

  • Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin, Germany
  • Mednarodna fakulteta za družbene in poslovne študije, Slovenia
  • Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu,  Finland
  •  Uniwersytet Pierre-Mendès-France,  France

In addition, ICT companies and organizations from the region confirmed participation in the project : Abak-Soft, Mikrobit, Ideopolis, East ICT cluster, Karo-Studio.

The project manager: Malgorzata Plechawska-Wojcik, Ph.D