TRUNAK. Third workshop in Lublin, Poland (04-08.03.2019)

On 4-8.03.2019, Lublin University of Technology hosted the third workshop devoted to creating a model of higher education autonomy in Kazakhstan. The seminar was organized by the Institute of Computer Science of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Lublin University of Technology. The meeting was attended by representatives of all university-partners from Kazakhstan, representatives of the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of Kazakhstan. The representatives of university-partners from the European Union participated in the role of experts. Dr. Marek Milosz has represented the Lublin University of Technology and organized a workshop.  

During the seminar, the results of the two previous seminars in Lund and Ljubljana were presented. Representatives of universities from the EU presented the experience of their countries in all four dimensions of autonomy, defined by the European University Association. Created two working groups (mixed: representatives of universities from Kazakhstan and EU experts) verified and refined the solutions developed during the first and second seminars, and proposed new ones.

During the seminar, participants took part in “International Seminar in Bioinformatics 2019. Appliance motion capture systems in medicine” and visiting the new laboratory building of the Lublin University of Technology.

The next days of the workshop were devoted to the presentation of developed scenarios and solutions.

The results of the three practical seminars will form the basis for the elaboration of a report on alternative models of higher education autonomy in Kazakhstan.

The seminar passed in a nice and working atmosphere.