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Active students organizations

There are three students scientific associations in the Institute: KNIP – Scientific Associations of Computer Science „PENTAGON”, Pentagon Cafe and .NET Group of the Lublin University of Technology. Both organizations meet regulary and have scientific sucesses.

  • KNIP, http://knip.pol.lublin.pl
    The organization currently deals mainly with 3D graphics. Together with The Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre Centre, students from KNIP tries to create a virtual reconstruction of the pre-war Lublin. Through the use of 3D graphics and Baroque graphics engine developed by one of the members of the associations, it wants to give everyone the opportunity to see Lublin, which exists only in photographs. KNIP, together with the City Council, also organizes free training with Blender – free program for creating 3D graphics,
  • Pentagon Cafe, http://cafe.cs.pollub.pl
    Works of the association include: conducting research on Internet technologies and multimedia networks, development of multimedia projects, development of web applications in server-side languages, development of systems based on multilayer architecture and database, implementation of information systems security,
  • .NET Group of the Lublin University of Technology, http://www.codeguru.geekclub.pl/grupy/developers
    The group is concentrated on the Microsoft platform and is building applications for the mobile and desktop operating systems. The weekly meetings are mainly workshops and lectures about object oriented programming, web applications and mobile development.