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Virtual campus – extending educational opportunities

The Virtual campus was created under the project A graduate of our time, which purpose is to broaden the range of courses in Computer Science in the Institute. It was funded by the European Union under the European Social Fund.
The Virtual campus consists of three systems:

  1. E-learning platform, http://moodle.cs.pollub.pl/.
    The platform enables students to acquire knowledge using blended-learning method. E-learning courses is an additional support for students and give them opportunity to participate in combined training at the university. E-learning platform is also dedicated for weaker students to improve their knowledge. Students can develop themselves through courses, practical exercises, tests and learn from multimedia forms of communication, which much better reach the human perception.
  2. System of the information exchange between teacher and student, https://spark.cs.pollub.pl.
    The basic functions of the system serve as the electronic journal and include: management of students’ data, plans of courses and teaching materials. It also support registration, evaluation, and the presence of students in class. The system has also many other functions related to the teaching process.
  3. Portal of knowledge exchange gained in collaboration with industry, http://pww.cs.pollub.pl. The purpose of the portal is to support the collaboration of employers with students and university teachers. In particular, it was created to document the conclusions of the panel meetings of university members and entrepreneurs. It also facilitates the supervision of internships and practices and helps to verify the employers needs related with skills and interests of students. Portal knowledge repository is a place of collaboration of students and employers.