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Research groups

Software Engineering Group

Software Engineering Group (SEG) conducts research on areas related to design and development of information systems, systems deployment and maintenance, management and knowledge information systems, databases, user interface usability and accessibility, and quality of code.
The research interests are divided into four groups: software requirement engineering, software engineering models and methods, software testing, usability and accessibility.

Software Requirement Engineering
In this topic we make researches study in the gathering, specification, and management of client requirements areas, as well as specialized tools for requirement engineering.

Software Engineering Models & Methods
Our next project is focused on management and knowledge information systems. It includes analysis and modeling of Global Collaborative Knowledge Systems (GCKS). The project concerns also development of GCKS structure and schema as well as measurement of knowledge determination quality.

Software Testing
The major focus of this topic is information systems design using modern technologies. Our last project concerns Test Driven Development (TDD). We are involved in the analysis of TDD adoption experience in software industry as well as in the analysis of TDD profits and short-comes.

Usability and Accessibility
We participate in projects focused on usability analysis of user interfaces. We work on review and analysis of available GUI description methods. We have also identified the characteristics of properly design interfaces. Our research also focuses on software accessibility, especially for the visually disabled. Our group also performs both accessibility and usability testing. Interfaces adjusted to a particular group of users (kids, adults with impaired sight, elderly, etc) are also considered. Research are also conducted on the possibility to use a simple camera to control applications using eye movements and hand gestures. The group investigates also Augmented Reality in modern computer systems.

Members of the research group: